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Bamboo Furniture Purchase Skills and Maintenance Methods
Bamboo Furniture Purchase Skills and Maintenance Methods

Bamboo Furniture Purchase Skills and Maintenance Methods

Many buyers may be perplexed when purchasing furniture since there are so many different types of furniture to choose from. They won't know which one to buy or how to care for woven bamboo furniture.

Ⅰ. Buying guide for woven bamboo furniture

Because woven bamboo furniture is uncommon, the normal buyer has a gap in their understanding of how to choose bamboo furniture. One of the best bamboo furniture buying tips is to avoid purchasing dark-colored furniture. Nowadays, woven bamboo furniture has a lacquered surface, making it impossible for customers to determine the furniture's quality just by looking at it or feeling it. Consumers may also grip the edge of woven bamboo furniture with both hands and gently shake it to feel if the frame is firm, in addition to trying to buy branded items, which can give some level of quality assurance.

Ⅱ. There are techniques for maintaining woven bamboo furniture

1. Avoid direct sunlight

UV rays in the sun denature and brittle bamboo strips; lengthy periods of sunshine cause white bamboo furniture to yellow; brown and red bright red bamboo furniture to fade locally; and pricey bamboo furniture to dry, lose, and fall apart. When the sun shines directly, translucent white muslin curtains may be used to divide the direct sunlight from the woven bamboo furniture while also allowing the internal illumination to be controlled.

2. Avoid fire and heat sources

In the north, woven bamboo furniture is harmed by heaters used for winter heating. If the bamboo chairs are placed close to the heater, the bamboo strips close to the parts have become dry and brittle, the toughness has deteriorated, and it is difficult to recover after sitting; therefore, keep in mind that bamboo products and fire and heat sources should not be placed close together; if you want to put a hot pot, casserole, or other hot food on the bamboo dining table, remember to use the insulation pad.

3. Keep it ventilated

Mouldy patches in the woven mesh's eyes are easy to grow in. Clean the woven bamboo furniture on a bright day and relocate it to a location with a wind to "blow" it dry and avoid mould. Never request "dryness" and then pull the bamboo strip into the sunlight to expose it to the sun, since the difference between a moist and a dry bamboo strip can easily bend or even shatter.

4. Avoid moisture distortion

The benefit of woven bamboo furniture is that it will be fixed into its original shape after moisture deformation, and it will still return to its original shape and size after blowing dry or shade drying. When bamboo furniture sags due to dampness, develop ways to decrease its burden and support it gently and uniformly so that the woven shape is preserved and gap distortion is avoided. In the case of seats, a square stool or storage box may be put below it over the bamboo surface to assist keep it up and allow it to dry out gently without deforming.