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Bamboo Lumber Builds a Green Home for You
Bamboo Lumber Builds a Green Home for You

Bamboo Lumber Builds a Green Home for You

A healthy lifestyle at home is important for us. When we get home, what we think most is to calm our minds and relax. To have a relaxed and comfortable living place, we need to furnish the house carefully. A good living environment can not only improve our quality of life but also increase our happiness.

1. Bamboo lumber is more environmentally friendly

As a new type of home building material, bamboo lumber has been flexibly and widely applied in home life. bamboo lumber has no pollution and creates a green and environmentally friendly home and healthy life for you. After relevant tests, formaldehyde, benzene, and other pollution elements are far lower than the international index. Bamboo lumber is a new type of green and environmentally friendly household material, equipped with relevant certificates, which are widely used in home furnishing projects.

Bamboo is one of the best gifts that nature gives us. Using bamboo lumber to decorate our house allows us to enjoy the breath of nature without leaving home so that we can stay away from troubles and enjoy a happy life. HQC selects high-quality bamboo as raw materials, strictly controls every process in the production, and adopts advanced equipment to ensure product quality. Our bamboo lumber can bring benefits to your home and your life.

2. How to choose high-quality bamboo lumber?

Nowadays, many consumers are concerned about the quality of bamboo lumber. There are many kinds of bamboo lumbers on the market. But the quality of the products is quite different and uneven. So how to choose a high-quality bamboo lumber?

1. We need to check the appearance of the bamboo lumber surface. Firstly, check whether the surface is uniform, full, smooth, bubbling or lacunal. Then check the lubricity of the interface, see if the notch is rough by touching with fingers.

2. We need to test the dimensional stability of the bamboo lumber. If it is possibel, we can saw a piece of material with a length of 200mm and place it at about 80°C for 1 hour, to observe the deformation of the bamboo lumber. If the deformation is relatively large, it cannot be used at high temperatures.

3. We need to pay attention to the anti-counterfeiting mark of bamboo lumber to check if it is produced by qualified manufacturer. Make sure to check the manufacturer's trademark, address, etc., and choose products with anti-counterfeit passwords, so that it has more credibility.

4. We need to check the environmental protection coefficient of bamboo lumber for environmental protection as one of the most important factors for decoration. Bamboo lumber is an environmentally friendly and sustainable decoration material on the market now.