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Benefits of Using Bamboo Floor Panels
Benefits of Using Bamboo Floor Panels

Benefits of Using Bamboo Floor Panels

When decorating a room, many people put a lot of thought into the choice of flooring. There are many types of flooring. Bamboo flooring is more popular recently, so some people ask, what are the advantages of bamboo flooring? When I hear feedback from many consumers, they will say that bamboo flooring is very easy to use, warm in winter and cool in summer, and has a long service life.

1. About bamboo floor panel

Bamboo floor is a kind of high-grade decoration material used in residences, hotels and offices, etc. It is mainly used to decorate the ground. The main material of bamboo floor is bamboo, which is made of adhesive and high temperature and high pressure. Bamboo after removing sugar, fat, starch, protein and other special harmless treatment has super anti-moth-eaten function. The floor is non-toxic, firm and stable, no glue, no deformation.

2. What are the advantages of bamboo flooring?

The outstanding advantage of bamboo flooring is that it is warm in winter and cool in summer. Because of its low thermal conductivity, bamboo does not generate heat by itself. Especially suitable for paving in the living room, bedroom, gym, study, studio, hotel and other floor and wall decoration. Small color difference is a major feature of bamboo flooring. According to the color, bamboo floor panels can be divided into two kinds, one is natural color, the color difference is smaller than that of wooden floor, it has rich bamboo pattern, and the color is well-proportioned; the natural color can be divided into natural color and carbonized color.

The natural color is treated with varnish on the surface, using the most basic color of bamboo, which is bright and bright; the carbonized color is flat and elegant, in fact, it is made of bamboo after baking, and clear bamboo patterns can still be seen in the solemn and steady. The second is artificial painting. The paint can be adjusted into various colors, but the bamboo pattern is not very obvious. The surface treatment of bamboo floors is mostly varnish, bright paint, matt paint and wear-resistant paint.

The theoretical service life of bamboo flooring can reach about 20 years. Correct use and maintenance are the keys to prolonging the service life of bamboo floor panels. The most important thing in the use of bamboo flooring is to keep the indoor dryness and humidity, because although the bamboo flooring has been dried, in the dry season, especially when the heating is turned on, consumers should adjust the humidity indoors through different methods, using a humidifier or a humidifier. Put a basin of water on the heater, etc. When it is humid in summer, more windows should be opened for ventilation. You can consider whether bamboo flooring is useful to you according to your own needs. If you think its advantages are very good, it is recommended that you buy bamboo flooring.