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How Much Do You Know About Bamboo Applications?
How Much Do You Know About Bamboo Applications?

How Much Do You Know About Bamboo Applications?

Speaking of bamboo, everyone thinks of the China's panda, disposable chopsticks, and even bamboo dustpans. This article will introduce the types and advantages of bamboo and its application in construction projects.

1. Types of bamboo lumber

Bamboo lumbers can be divided into three forms: raw bamboo, bamboo-based man-made panels and bamboo structural parts. Among them, bamboo-based man-made panels can be used as building decoration materials and some structural materials, and the gradually developed bamboo structural parts are more suitable as structural materials. It is suggested to strengthen the research of comprehensive properties such as dimensional stability, fire resistance and durability of bamboo, and improve bamboo processing technology, which can promote the further application and development of bamboo in construction engineering.

2. Advantages of using bamboo lumber as a building material

① Conducive to sustainable development and environmental protection

Bamboo grows fast and can reach 10% to 30% of annual growth (2% to 5% for trees). A cluster of bamboo can grow 200 bamboos in five years, but only one tree can grow. In addition, the energy consumption and pollution of bamboo during the construction process is far less than that of brick, stone, and concrete building materials;

②Low cost

According to statistics, houses made of bamboo are 20% cheaper than houses made of ordinary materials. Although the price of bamboo is also rising due to various reasons, it still has a great advantage over wood;

③Safe and comfortable

The tensile strength of bamboo is comparable to steel, and it can withstand up to 52,000 pounds of pressure per square inch. Due to its light weight and good elasticity, the seismic resistance of bamboo is also very prominent. Bamboo has the functions of regulating indoor temperature and humidity, absorbing ultraviolet rays and antistatic, which is beneficial to human health;


The service life of properly treated bamboo can be as long as 30 years, which is sufficient for temporary houses and leisure houses.

3. The application of bamboo lumber in construction

The application of bamboo in construction projects covers three aspects: building body, building decoration and building parts. At present, the application of bamboo is mainly focused on architectural decoration, and the other two aspects are less developed.