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How to Buy Construction Plywood? What Are the Specifications of Construction Plywood?
How to Buy Construction Plywood? What Are the Specifications of Construction Plywood?

How to Buy Construction Plywood? What Are the Specifications of Construction Plywood?

How should we select and buy construction plywood?

1. Look at the layers of construction plywood

For the purchase of this type of product, you must first look at its layers. Generally speaking, its number of layers is the odd number. Of course, there are occasional even numbers. Therefore, when choosing, you can judge the product by the number of layers. In addition, the commonly used types of construction plywood are three plywood, five plywood, etc. Plywood can improve the utilization rate of wood, which is a main way to save wood.

2. Look at the types of construction plywood

The products constituted under different environmental factors are different. For room decoration, it is best to choose precious plywood with thin veneer, and it must meet the requirements of GB50222 "Code for Fire Protection Design of Building Interior Decoration". For the concealed parts that may be damp and the occasions with high waterproof requirements, consider using type I or type II construction plywood. For outdoor use, use type I plywood.

3. Look at the material of construction plywood

Generally speaking, there will be a layer of transparent varnish on the surface of such products, mainly to preserve the natural color and texture of wood products. Therefore, when selecting, pay attention to the material, pattern and color of the panel. If the pattern and color of the panel are not considered, the grade and category of plywood should also be reasonably selected according to the environment and cost.

4. Look at the specifications of construction plywood

I believe that many people are not very clear about the specifications of this type of product. It is mainly a multi-layer board-like material that is cut into veneer or sliced into thin wood, and then bonded with an adhesive. Based on the odd number, the length and width specifications are 1220×2440mm, and the thickness specifications are usually 3, 5, 9, 12, 15, 18mm and other categories.

Judging from the current market conditions, there are many types of it, among which are mainly imported, joint venture, and made in China. Common specifications are 1220×2440×3 mm, 1220×2440×5 mm, and other specifications are 1220×1830×3mm or 5mm, as well as 915×1830×3mm or 5mm, so be sure to clarify the specifications and dimensions when purchasing. The user can calculate the required materials according to the interior decoration area and avoid unnecessary waste caused by blind purchase of materials.