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How to Maintain Bamboo Fibre Wall Panels?
How to Maintain Bamboo Fibre Wall Panels?

How to Maintain Bamboo Fibre Wall Panels?

Wood-Plastic Composite (WPC) is now a new favorite in the industry of house decoration by virtue of its super performance. For instance, many people now choose bamboo fibre wall panels when decorating their houses. In addition, well-maintenance for the late stage can greatly extend its service life. So, how to maintain bamboo fibre wall panels?

Ⅰ. About bamboo fibre wall panels

Bamboo fibre wall panels are characterized by low-carbon and environmentally friendly performance. For details, the surface of bamboo fibre wall panels is lacquered with paint-free green material, thus sending forth no annoying smell of decoration. Secondly, bamboo fibre wall panels are made up of bamboo-wood ecological fibre, which is a composite green material with high strength and hardness. As such, bamboo fibre wall panels are hard enough to resist impact and scratch. Thirdly, bamboo fibre wall panels have a nice thermal isolation effect. It can isolate both the cold air in winter and the heat in sweltering summer from the outside. In addition, bamboo fibre wall panels look much elegant and pretty and have a wide range of colors for choice. Therefore, it's quite popular on the market.

Ⅱ. The maintenance of bamboo fibre wall panels

1. Clean the dust. Clean the dust frequently to reduce the dust cling to the surface. When cleaning the dust, remove the ornaments first. Then it's better to use a soft cotton cloth that is wrought out after being soaked in a way that reduces friction, avoids scratch, and helps reduce electrostatic cling to dust. To avoid moisture residual, use a dry cotton cloth to mop the walls again. It's recommended to clean the dust every two weeks or one month and prepare a duster at home for daily cleaning.

2. Waxing. Apart from cleaning the dust frequently, bamboo fibre wall panels need waxing for further maintenance to look prettier. We recommend polishing these integrated walls with the wax specifically designed for furniture made up of wood. In addition, do not use those polishes containing silicone resin that will not only soften and damage coating but also make the repair difficult by blocking wood pores. It's suggested to wax bamboo fibre wall panels one to two times every year as over-waxing will also damage the coating.

3. Decontamination. It's recommended to decontaminate as soon as stains are spotted on the bamboo fibre wall panels. Otherwise, the wall may look bad.

4. Sun protection. Avoid direct exposure to the sun. For the bamboo fibre wall panels installed near the balcony and window, it's better to draw the curtains for the walls getting faded or aging ahead of time due to ultraviolet radiation.