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How to Maintain the Bamboo Chair?
How to Maintain the Bamboo Chair?

How to Maintain the Bamboo Chair?

Apart from easy obtainment and high plasticity, bamboo also has such advantages as low price, ample supply, and short growing cycle. In consequence, bamboo is chosen to make chairs. Bamboo chairs are more environmentally friendly than other tyles of chair and sofa. In addition, compared with modern sofa, bamboo chairs have a better capacity of heat dissipation and air ventilation, thus being the new favorite of people upholding environmental protection as new fashionable furniture. Made up of bamboo, bamboo chairs feature naturalness and coolness, often presenting itself in ordinary people's homes. So, how to maintain bamboo chairs at ordinary times? And how to control woodworm?

Ⅰ. How to maintain bamboo chairs?

1. Avoid direct explore in the sun for a long time, otherwise bamboo chairs may get faded. Clean the dust on the surface with soft bristle brush or wet towel before using the bamboo chairs.

2. Bamboo chairs are made up of 100% natural Phyllostachys edulis. To make bamboo chairs, such natural material, after being dried naturally, need to go though still more professional procedures including bleaching and dyeing, polishing, and painting. Therefore, bamboo chairs usually have good resistance of moisture and woodworm. However, it can also be undermined in a highly moist environment.

3. Clean the dust on the surface of bamboo chairs with soft bristle brush or wet towel.

4. It's recommended to place bamboo chairs in a dry environment. High concentration of moisture is unfavorable because bamboo chairs can easily get moldy and eaten by woodworms.

5. When bamboo chairs are not at work, check and clean it regularly. It's also necessary to dry it during good weathers.

6. Maintain bamboo chairs with clear lacquer when purchasing online.

7. Avoid rubbing the surface of bamboo chairs with sharps or weights. Also, avoid clean it with strong acids or strong alkalis.

Ⅱ. How to control woodworm for bamboo chairs?

Pay attention to woodworm control as bamboo chairs tend to be the victim of woodworms. Here are the major ways to control woodworms:

1. Before using a bamboo chair, soak it in bleach for a day, clean it with hot water and then dry it in the sun.

2. Directly apply the specialized woodworm repellents, which, however, may also impair people's health in an indirect manner.

3. If little holes caused by woodworms were spotted on the surface of bamboo chairs, quicklime powder and pesticide can be applied to these holes.

4. If you hate to use these harmful reagents, you can cram cayenne pepper into these holes eaten by woodworms, which is an alternative for preventing woodworm from reproduction.