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How to Maintain the Bamboo Plywood in Use?
How to Maintain the Bamboo Plywood in Use?

How to Maintain the Bamboo Plywood in Use?

1. Transportation and stacking of bamboo plywood

In the transportation and stacking of bamboo plywood, it should prevent rain, water, and sun; drainage and fire prevention measures should be taken in the stacking area. In the process of transportation, loading and unloading as well as using, it is strictly prohibited to collide the plywood with hard objects, knock it with crowbars, or drag it with steel on it.

2. After cutting or drilling of bamboo plywood

After cutting or drilling, the side face should be coated with waterproof and wear-resisting paint to prevent the bamboo plywood from being layered or deformed after being immersed in water; brush the film remover before using the bamboo plywood, and clean it with detergent after using. It is strictly prohibited to impact or scratch the surface of the plywood with solid objects. The damaged bamboo plywood should be repaired in time.

3. Scratches, bruises or other slight damages of bamboo plywood

Apply special putty to fix the damages evenly and polish them, then brush with waterproof and wear-resisting paint.

4. Bamboo plywood in bad weather

In cases of special dry season and open air heating, different methods can be used to adjust the humidity, and a humidifier or a basin of water can be added on the heater. During the rainy season in southern China, frequent ventilation should be adopted to keep the room dry; in the indoor use of bamboo plywood, it should avoid contacting with water as far as possible. If water spills on the floor, it should be promptly dried and cleaned.