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How to Prevent Deformation or Cracking of Bamboo Furniture?
How to Prevent Deformation or Cracking of Bamboo Furniture?

How to Prevent Deformation or Cracking of Bamboo Furniture?

Not only many simple furniture are bamboo furniture, but also many outdoor furniture are also bamboo furniture. Bamboo furniture is not only widely used, but also has different shapes and is very popular, but no matter what kind of furniture it is, it needs careful maintenance to be used for a longer time, so bamboo furniture How to repair cracks? In fact, the cracking of bamboo furniture cannot be repaired, only crack-proof maintenance can be done.

Ⅰ. Anti-cracking maintenance of bamboo furniture

1. If bamboo products have been cracked, there is no way to repair them, so the usual maintenance of bamboo furniture is very important.

2. Wipe the maintenance oil once a month. The fineness of the purified maintenance oil can penetrate through the surface of the paint, so that the moisture inside the bamboo product will not be volatilized, reduced and increased, so as to achieve the purpose of crack prevention.

3. Avoid hitting and rubbing the surface of the plate with sharp objects and heavy objects, and do not contaminate it with strong corrosive solvents.

4. In order to prevent drying and cracking of bamboo furniture, a layer of varnish is generally applied on the surface, but the white blank on the back cannot be painted with varnish, which can maintain the humidity of the bamboo.

5. If conditions permit, you can apply varnish and cooked tung oil when you just buy bamboo furniture. This is not only mothproof, but also durable and beautiful, which is a good thing to kill multiple birds with one stone.

6. Drying and ventilation are the most important. Due to the particularity of bamboo furniture, it should be placed in a dry place. If it is often placed in a damp and dark place, it will be beneficial to the reproduction of microorganisms due to humidity, and mildew will easily occur. For large bamboo utensils such as cabinets, bookshelves, reclining chairs, etc., usually remove the dirt in the gaps, rinse them with clean water, and dry them in the sun. Especially for bamboo utensils that are not used temporarily, they should be washed and dried, and then stored in a dry and ventilated place.

Ⅱ. Bamboo furniture is anti-corrosion and anti-moth and mildew

1. Physical methods: There are mainly high temperature method, water immersion method, smoking method, modified atmosphere method, far infrared method, microwave method and ray method. The advantages of these methods are no pollution and no residue. Bamboo felling should be arranged in winter as much as possible, and the bamboo after felling should be transported to the production site for use as soon as possible, or treated with insect-proof and moth-proof treatment to reduce moth-eaten and mildew.

2. Chemical methods: There are mainly coating method, dipping method, cooking method, fumigation method and pressure injection method. The advantages of these methods are good moth and anti-corrosion effect and long time. With the enhancement of people's awareness of environmental protection, the environmental protection requirements and standards for insect repellents, preservatives, and mildew inhibitors for bamboo furniture and bamboo materials are also getting higher and higher. For example, the use of CCA, PCP and other preservatives has been banned in Europe. Preservatives such as CCB, CCF, and ACQ.