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How to Tell whether the Bamboo Flooring is Good or Not?
How to Tell whether the Bamboo Flooring is Good or Not?

How to Tell whether the Bamboo Flooring is Good or Not?

When buying bamboo flooring, many users have such concerns: does bamboo flooring contain high formaldehyde? Will it affect human health? We need to be careful while buying because everyone knows that in some inferior bamboo flooring, merchants  will use some inferior adhesives with excessive formaldehyde content to reduce cost.

How to distinguish the quality of strand bamboo flooring?

1. Check whether it is environmentally friendly

To check whether the quality of the product is good, we can focus on whether it is environmentally friendly or not. Generally speaking, formaldehyde glue is harmful to the human body and environment, while triamine resin glue is environmentally friendly.

2. Look at the bamboo chips

Secondly, we have to look at its production process. Because bamboo is a natural material, its processing needs to be carried out in a high temperature, de-sugar, and high-pressure environment, so that the organic substance in the bamboo material, such as sugar, can be compressed, so as to make bacteria and other insects lose their nutritional source, and kill their eggs and bacteria attached to the bamboo. Like the bamboo chip, the two sides of a good-quality bamboo flooring are planed, leaving only nail-sized openings at the mouth of the bamboo joints, and the thickness is generally about 5.5 cm.

3. Look at the paint

The bamboo flooring surface needs to be coated with a layer of paint, so when you buy it, you should also look at the quality of its paint. Pay attention to whether the paint it uses is environmentally friendly or not, and whether it emits harmful substances such as formaldehyde.