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HQC Bamboo Products
HQC Bamboo Products

HQC Bamboo Products

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  • Wood Surface

    Wood Surface

    June 1, 2020The surface of the wood surface container flooring, as the name suggests, is wood veneer with PSF (phenolic surface film), the middle is the bamboo curtain and wood veneer, and the bottom is wood veneer without PSF.view
  • Bamboo Mat Surface

    Bamboo Mat Surface

    June 1, 2020The bamboo-wood composite container flooring produced by Fujian HeQiChang Bamboo Industrial Co., Ltd. can currently be divided into two categories: bamboo mat surface and wood surface.view
  • Bamboo Coat Hanger

    Bamboo Coat Hanger

    June 1, 2020HQC Bamboo Coat hanger is made of bamboo, with a height of 1800mm, which can be used to store clothes in different sizes.HQC Bamboo Coat hanger has the natural color of bamboo/black/walnut.view