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Let Us Learn More About Bamboo Fence Cladding
Let Us Learn More About Bamboo Fence Cladding

Let Us Learn More About Bamboo Fence Cladding

How long does a bamboo fence cladding last?

It depends on the weather condition and the quality of bamboo fence cladding. Generally speaking, there is no problem with the use of 30 years under normal circumstances. With better maintenance of bamboo fence cladding, the time will be longer.

How do you attach bamboo cladding to a fence?

First, cut the bamboo with a machete to grow the bamboo board 1 meter wide and 3 centimeters wide, and cut enough to the required amount.  

Then saw the bamboo board into the required height of the fence, and then cut each section with a knife, weaving with linen rope from the middle, repeat the operation several times.  carbonized strand woven bamboo flooring

When you get 15-16 pieces, you can fold them back and repeat them for a second time. You can do this 4-6 times. This will make the bamboo fence stronger. Also, you can trust HQC, a famous bamboo products manufacturer in China, that can provide you good-quality bamboo fence cladding.

HQC Deep Strand Woven Bamboo Wall Cladding

What is the difference between bamboo wall cladding and woven bamboo paneling?

Generally, the price of bamboo fence cladding is lower than that of woven bamboo paneling. So it is much affordable for bamboo wall cladding.

Making a woven bamboo paneling costs less time for industrial production. While making a bamboo wall cladding is time-consuming and more complicated.