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Order Process
Order Process

Order Process

HQC Bamboo Order Process

Order confirmed → Produce and shipping(7 days by truck or sea in bamboo and wood plats) → Provide relevant bill of landing information → Customer payment

Return Policy 

If you have any quality problems, please feel free to contact us and we will deal with them as soon as possible. Any non-quality problems caused by improper operation, improper load, improper fixing, impact, and other types of accidents are excluded.

Warranty Policy

We can provide 5 years of quality assurance.

Bamboo Products Installation

  • Material: Floor, Keel, Buckle, Accessories, Installation Tool

  • Note: Clear and make sure foundation stable

  • Installation Attention:

    1. Laying keel, put a keel on stable Cement Brick, choose single layer or double layers keel (more stable)as the fact, the distance between keel is 450-500 mm

    2. Put side buckle at ends of the keel, and fix (punching hole on deep carbonized bamboo boards firstly), then lay one by one, fix by butterfly clip to make sure floor stable, there is a 5-7 mm gap between floor, then slightly beat by rubber hammer to adapt, side buckle to end installation.

Bamboo Products Maintenance

  • How long: first maintenance after three months, one year one time.

  • What is needed: clearing tools, sanding tools, and painting tools.

  • How to do:

     1. Clear weather day

     2. Clear floor firstly

     3. Use sanding tools then clear floor by cotton cloth

     4. Paint dedicated oil

     5. Protect floor until oil completely dry


The bamboo-wood container flooring produced by HEQICHANG has good quality and high stability. The flooring has the advantages of high strength, high toughness, and high wear resistance.