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People-oriented Green Packaging Material: Strand Woven Bamboo Plywood
People-oriented Green Packaging Material: Strand Woven Bamboo Plywood

People-oriented Green Packaging Material: Strand Woven Bamboo Plywood

1. Strand woven bamboo plywood is a green packaging material

From a conceptual point of view, commercial packaging design means wrapping and decorating items. The humanization of commercial packaging design and green commercial packaging materials are based on people-oriented, complementary, and indispensable. And strand woven bamboo plywood is such green packaging material.

2. Advantages and uses of strand woven bamboo plywood

Compared with wood, bamboo-based panels have the characteristics of high strength, good toughness, large rigidity, small deformation, stable dimensions, and excellent performance. In residential buildings, compared with traditional structural materials, the use of bamboo-based-based structural engineering materials, its lightweight and high strength make the structure occupies less area while meeting the requirements of large spaces and flexible partitions in buildings. There are many varieties of bamboo-based man-made panels, mainly including strand woven bamboo plywood, bamboo plywood, bamboo laminate, bamboo mat, and bamboo curtain plywood, bamboo composite board, bamboo particleboard, bamboo flooring. 

Light Strand Woven Bamboo Flooring Keel

Strand woven bamboo plywood is a kind of bamboo man-made board formed by sizing and hot pressing bamboo mats that are cross-woven bamboo mats. It has high strength, low price, lightweight, easy recycling of waste, and it is non-toxic, and renewable, which will not pollute the ecological environment, serving as a very excellent green packaging material. In addition, strand woven bamboo plywood also has the characteristics of good rigidity, low hygroscopic expansion rate, durability, etc., and the production process is simple and the equipment investment is low. It can be used for roof or exterior wall cladding, floor, wall decoration panel, etc., to replace part of asbestos, plaster, and steel.

3.Wholesale strand woven bamboo flooring

HQC as one of the most reliable bamboo flooring wholesale suppliers can provide you the premium quality strand woven bamboo flooring. Please contact us for more information about bamboo. Bamboo is improving our life quality and refreshes our life environment.