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Precautions for Bamboo Floor Decoration
Precautions for Bamboo Floor Decoration

Precautions for Bamboo Floor Decoration

Bamboo floor is a very popular floor now, with natural appearance, good visual effect, and moisture-proof at the same time. Nowadays, many people choose to use bamboo floor decoration when decorating, but many people do not know much about some precautions for bamboo floor decoration, which leads to a lot of problems in the process of decoration, so what are the precautions for bamboo floor decoration?

Ⅰ. How about bamboo flooring?

Bamboo floor has a natural and fresh appearance, delicate and smooth texture, moisture-proof, moisture-proof and corrosion-proof, strong toughness and elasticity, etc. At the same time, its surface hardness can be comparable to that of common wood species such as cherry wood and beech wood. On the other hand, because the core material of bamboo floor is made of wood, it has excellent stability, strong durability, good foot feel, harmonious style, good sound insulation performance, and is warm in winter and cool in summer, especially suitable for home environment and sports entertainment, interior decoration of places, etc. From a health point of view, bamboo and wood composite floors are especially suitable for aging people and infants in cities, and also have a protective buffering effect on people who like sports.

Ⅱ. What are the precautions for bamboo floor installation?

1. Before paving, it is best to unpack the bamboo floor and place it on site one week or half a month in advance, so that the humidity of the bamboo floor before installation is consistent with that of the construction site, which can effectively control the expansion coefficient after paving.

2. The floor should be installed parallel to the light incident angle outside the window, and the bamboo floor in the corridor or room with a small area should be parallel with the longer wall, which can reduce the number of sawing and splicing and save materials.

3. Bamboo flooring is a natural material, and its color and texture are different and cannot be completely consistent. In addition to the careful color separation and packaging of the floor manufacturer, please make appropriate adjustments to the color, texture, length, etc. of the floor during construction to make the floor more durable and more natural.

4. The installation ground must be flat and dry.

5. Bamboo floor has a long service life, it is recommended to install it with a keel, so that the installed floor is not easy to loosen for a long time.

6. After the board is installed, the floor wax should be applied immediately. Note that the floor wax can only be applied in the gap, not on the floor surface.

Container bamboo flooring decoration can not be ignored, we must pay attention when installing, otherwise it will not only waste materials, but also fail to achieve the established decoration effect. Bamboo floors are very popular now. We should also pay attention when purchasing, and choose those brands whose products are of high quality, so that we can use them with confidence whether it is in installation or in daily use.