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Precautions for Outdoor Bamboo Flooring Installation
Precautions for Outdoor Bamboo Flooring Installation

Precautions for Outdoor Bamboo Flooring Installation

As a new building material, bamboo flooring is a high-end consumer product loved by consumers in the market. It is not only a sophisticated product that has gone through multiple processes, but also has many advantages, for it feels warm in winter and cool in summer and has long life and beautiful appearance. Therefore, its sells very well in the market. But at the same time, we need to pay more attention to installation of bamboo flooring. The following is an introduction to the precautions for outdoor bamboo flooring installation.

1. It is better to unpack the bamboo flooring one week or half a month before paving and place it on the site, so that the outdoor bamboo flooring can have the same humidity of the construction site before installation, which can control the expansion coefficient effectively; Strand woven bamboo flooring should install in parallel with the light incident angle outside the window.

2. Please adjust the color, texture and length of the flooring properly during construction to make the flooring more natural.

3. The use period of outdoor bamboo flooring is very long, so we recommend users to install the keel, so that the installed flooring will not be loose after long-term use.

4. The installation ground must be flat and dry.

5. The bedding keel must be dry. The size of the keel is about 30mm×30mm, and the length can be determined arbitrarily according to the size of the room.

6. The floor is laid on the keel. In damp or very humid areas, the floorings cannot be assembled too tightly, and 0.5mm spacing should be reserved. In drier and colder areas, natural joints between floorings are better.

7. There must be a reserved seam of more than 8mm between the strand woven bamboo flooring and the wall.

8. After drilling holes on the flooring with an electric drill, nail the special floor nails into the keel at an oblique angle of 45 degrees. In addition, air nails cannot be used.

9. After the installation of flooring, apply the floor wax immediately. Note that the floor wax can only be applied in the gaps, not on the surface of the flooring.