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Bamboo Board

Bamboo Board


HQC Bamboo Board is also called bamboo furniture board, bamboo panel, bamboo veneer. HQC Bamboo Board is made by gluing and pressing the strips of bamboo into a square plate. HQC Bamboo Board can be used to make bamboo furniture and bamboo wood cutting board, etc. HQC Bamboo Board has good physical and mechanical properties, the water absorption coefficient of which is small, It is not easy to crack and deform. 

HQC Bamboo Board is one of the high-quality bamboo products in our company. The board is a kind of renewable resource. Its production time is short high utilization rate. It is resistant to pressure and abrasion, density is about 0.75 g/cm, the compressive strength up to 74.2 MPa. 

Bamboo Board FAQ
What is the General Specifiation of Bamboo Board?

The general specification of the bamboo board is 2000*1200mm, and the thickness is 3-40m. We could accept customized orders.

What is the Environmental Protection Class?

The environmental protection class is E0.

What is the Bamboo Board Class?

The class of HQC bamboo board is A for its elegant color and smooth appearance.

What is the Glue Stength?

The glue strength is E.

What is the Delivery Date?

More or less 15 days. The specific delivery date depends on your order.

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