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Bamboo Cabinet

Bamboo Cabinet


HQC Bamboo Cabinet is made of pure bamboo with excellent anticorrosive and moisture-proof properties. HQC Bamboo Cabinet breaks through the traditional cabinet style and combines classic and modern styles to create a practical and beautiful cabinet. HQC Bamboo Cabinet has a strong load-bearing capacity and can place items of different weights. Using environmentally friendly production technology, non-toxic and tasteless, protecting family health. 



  • Wide application range

  • Energy Conservation

  • Environmental Protection

Installation & Maintennance
We provide you with the most convenient installation and maintenance

HQC Bamboo Cabinet, also known as bamboo storage cabinet, is rich in color, diverse in style, and complete in function, which can meet the needs of different customers and provide the most comfortable experience with the exquisite bamboo furniture design. HQC Bamboo Cabinet is made of common bamboo board, which has very strong physical and mechanical properties, and has a small water absorption expansion coefficient, no dry cracking and deformation, strong and durable, high strength, good toughness, and low crack expansion coefficient. After carbonization technology treatment, HQC Bamboo Cabinet is resistant to moisture and dry resistance; and then through the scientific process of bamboo slices arranged vertically and horizontally to ensure that the bamboo laminates and their products are resistant to cracking and deformation; After high temperature and high-pressure treatment, from the root to prevent moth and mildew.


HQC Bamboo Cabinet can be classified as follows: sideboard cabinet; coffee cabinet; Chinese style sideboard cabinet; Pure bamboo Cabinet; Bamboo Flower Stand; Pure bamboo shelf, we could also accept your customization as your drawing. We will take a sideboard cabinet as an example:  HQC Bamboo Sideboard Cabinet specification is 1600*450*690mm. HQC Bamboo Sideboard Cabinet not only one functions it can be divided into two parts, you are free to choose as your preferences. It has two hollows outdoors and a large capacity drawer, you could put items on its surface. HQC Bamboo Sideboard Cabinet is simple and suitable for a variety of Spaces.

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