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Bamboo Chair

Bamboo Chair


HQC Bamboo Chair is made of pure bamboo, which has excellent anti-corrosion and moisture-proof performance. It breaks through the traditional chair style and combine classic and modern styles to create a bamboo chair that is both beautiful and practical. 

  • Be called "plant reinforcement steel"

  • Breakthrough traditional cabinet style and HQC Bamboo furniture is innovated, we perfectly combinate with the classical and the modern style

  • Strong Bearing Capacity

Installation & Maintennance
We provide you with the most convenient installation and maintenance

HQC Bamboo Chair has a strong bearing capacity and excellent anti-corrosion and moisture-proof performance. Using an environmentally friendly production process, non-toxic and tasteless, it protects family health. HQC Bamboo Chair is made of bamboo furniture board. It is rich in color, diverse in style, and complete in function, meeting the needs of different customers and providing the most comfortable experience. HQC Bamboo Chair we could provide as follows: pure bamboo old-fashioned wooden armchair; Pure bamboo round-backed armchair; Sofa &chair; bamboo armchair. As for the bamboo wood chairs, we can provide so many different kinds of chairs, including bamboo kitchen chairs,bamboo garden chair, bamboo dining chairs. 

HQC Bamboo Chair is made of bamboo board. Bamboo Board has a strong physical and mechanical properties, and the water absorption coefficient is small, It is not easy to crack and deformation.  Bamboo Board is resistant to pressure and abrasion; Bamboo Board is strong and durable, strong and tough; Not easy to deformation, small cracking coefficient of expansion, Carbonized treatment, resistance to moisture, resistance to drying, resistance to deformation; Then through the bamboo crisscross arrangement and other scientific technology to ensure that bamboo Board and its products resistant to cracking and deformation,High temperature and high-pressure treatment, fundamentally prevent moth and mold.

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