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Bamboo Furniture

Bamboo Furniture


Bamboo which grows fast, with high material hardness, super toughness, is known as the "plant reinforcement steel" title. It is an ideal furniture material to replace real wood, and the effect of forest protection is obvious. Profile of HQC Bamboo Furniture responds to the call of low carbon environmental protection, make healthy green new Chinese style furniture. Bamboo Furniture, such as sofa made of bamboo, chair made of bamboo, can be placed in a variety of scenes with natural bamboo grain, fresh and beautiful, noble and elegant appearance, free to match any furniture in different styles.

Bamboo Furniture FAQ
Are Bamboo Furniture Waterproof or not?

Bamboo furniture has a good moistureproof effect, strong and durable. the bamboo board is made by high temperature, which can make bamboo more waterproof and moistureproof, strong.

What Is The Leading Time

Generally, it is 25-30 natural days.

What Is The Production Process

By adopting mortise and tenon joint combinations, not including screws, it can be installed by hand without tools and easy to disassemble.

How Long Is Hqc Bamboo Furniture Life Time

HQC Bamboo Furniture is used indoor, and its lifetime will reach more than 15 years.

Is HQC Bamboo Furniture Moth-proof

HQC Bamboo Furniture is treated with twice carbonization, and at the same time eliminates organic and sugar from bamboo material. Thus, it is moth-proof.

Is Hqc Bamboo Furniture Firm, It Looks Like Slim

HQC Bamboo Furniture is made from bamboo. Bamboo is high tenacity and called "steel plants" which is high bearing and firm to use.

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