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HQC Bamboo Wall Panel is the outdoor wall protection material which does not bear the load of the main structure of the building. It usually consists of bamboo decorative wall panels (usually glass, aluminum, slate, ceramic, etc.) and a supporting structure. In recent years, with the continuous progress of HQC Bamboo Wall Panel manufacturing technology, its materials and structures have developed from bulky to lighter. For example, replace the bulky natural stone with new materials (including biomass materials) and thin materials.


  • HQC Bamboo Wall Panel developed by our company with bamboo / wood composite material as the basic structure. Its characteristics of light weight, high strength, good weather resistance, strong decoration and easy construction and installation has led the development of wall panel. Compared with the stone curtain wall, ceramic curtain wall, glass curtain wall and metal curtain wall widely used now, HQC Bamboo Wall Panel is a rare high-quality building exterior decoration material, with the advantages of absorbing ultraviolet rays, preventing light pollution, sound insulation, low carbon environmental protection, etc. HQC Bamboo Wall Panel can be divided into bamboo interior wall panels and bamboo exterior wall panels. These bamboo wood wall panels not only make your building beautiful and elegant, but also makes the outer wall more gentle and makes the interior more livable — lignin absorbs ultraviolet rays and reflects infrared rays to adjust the indoor temperature,bamboo wood material brings warmth and intimacy.

  • HQC Bamboo Wall Panel specification is 800*500 (mm), our bamboo products company can also according to customer demand to produce different specifications of products.

  • HQC Bamboo Wall Panel selects natural bamboo, goes through 8 pressing boards, 12 coloring processes and strict performance testing (product size, physical properties, weather resistance, mildew resistance, paint film performance), and treats every detail with care.

  • HQC Bamboo Wall Panel has a variety of color schemes and appearance options. We do not recommend the "Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter" color scheme for you. At present, this color scheme is applying for a national appearance patent.

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