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HQC Bamboo Flat Board is provided by our reliable bamboo lumber suppliers. Its material is the bamboo tree, which is renewable resources. Only need three or five years bamboo tree to grow enough for us to cut, after another three or five years then we could cut again. .

HQC Flat Board is made of bamboo cane, and the high-quality part is selected for cooking, carbonization, and drying. Select good quality strips from these treated bamboo strips, which are laid flat, arranged neatly for pressing, and finally polished, painted, and other treatment. 

Bamboo Board is strong and durable, strong and tough; Not easy to deformation, small cracking coefficient of expansion, Carbonized treatment, resistance to moisture, resistance to drying, resistance to deformation; Then through the bamboo crisscross arrangement and other scientific technology to ensure that the board and its products resistant to cracking and deformation,High temperature and high-pressure treatment, fundamentally prevent moth and mold. 

HQC Flat Board has fresh and beautiful appearance, natural color and clear texture, The product that makes with the flat board is fresh and elegant, beautiful, and generous. The density of the timber surface is a natural straight texture, a bunch of strewn at random have sent, with the natural texture of bamboo is a kind of high-quality building materials, soft color, clear texture, feel smooth, elastic.

HQC Flat Board gives users a good sense of vision, smell, and touch; It is light, tough, and strong enough to be used as a truss to solve the problem of large spans in buildings. At the same time, bamboo is a kind of ecological material, which is more and more used in interior decoration, furniture, packaging, handicrafts, and other occasions to replace wood.

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