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Multilayer Flat

Multilayer Flat


HQC Bamboo Multilayer Flat Board is made of a bamboo flat board stacked on top of another bamboo board and is processed by a series of treatments such as slicing, polishing, and painting. The texture of the HQC Bamboo Multilayer Flat Board is thick and has great grain patterns. HQC Bamboo Multilayer Flat Board is very suitable for making special handicrafts and furniture, in daily life. HQC Bamboo Multilayer Flat Board has better anti-corrosion, insect-proof, moisture-proof, and non-deformation performance. The board has long service life and is good for use.

Multilayer Flat

Specification of Multilayer Flat

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Multilayer Flat



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HQC Bamboo Multilayer Flat Board is widely used in interior decoration, furniture, packaging, handicrafts, and other occasions to replace wood. The surface of the board has a natural straight texture that a bunch of lines has been arranged at random. Bamboo board is a kind of high-quality building material with soft color, clear texture, smooth feeling, elasticity. As a well-known flat pressing boards manufacturer, we can provide you various bamboo furniture boards at a reasonable price.

HQC Bamboo Multilayer Flat Board gives users a good sense of vision, smell, and touch. The multilayer flat board is thick, tough, and strong enough to be used as a trust to solve the problem of large spans in buildings.

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