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Social Responsibility
Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility

The leadership team of the company's board of directors proposes the goal of building "five first-class", building a first-class team, grasping first-class management, creating first-class indicators, providing first-class service, cultivating the first-class culture, striving to create value, return shareholders, and achieve employees. Actively fulfill corporate social responsibilities, strive to build Heqichang into a leading and first-class outstanding enterprise in the global segment industry, and strive to build the company into a beautiful business card of the bamboo and wood composite container flooring in China, and realize the development of the enterprise and the social economy coordination. The company's performance of social responsibilities is as follows.

Responsibilities of enterprises to increase the income of farmers

While the company has got fast development, the company has made unremitting efforts in arranging employment of local personnel, social cooperation, and joint construction activities of surrounding village enterprises. Promote more than 60 semi-finished products processing plants in supporting industries. And support local development, actively fulfill the responsibilities of leading enterprises, benefit the locality, repay society, bring a large number of jobs and increase income for the local and surrounding areas with the top bamboo products, and speed up the pace of local bamboo farmers to get rid of poverty and has promoted the realization of Yongan’s economic development goals and has been widely praised.

The enterprise has strong radiating power. The company is market-oriented, guided by national industrial policies, actively adapts to the new situation, establishes new concepts, takes the road of agricultural industrialization, drives farmers with the “company-base-farmers” model, and radiates the surroundings based on Yongan Maozhu professional village, cooperatively processing semi-finished bamboo plywood products on the order-by-order basis. Currently, more than 60 semi-finished product production and processing bases have been established, consuming more than 190,000 tons of raw bamboo annually, indirectly driving more than 6,000 farmers, and driving 130,000 mu of bamboo forest. Every year, bamboo farmers increase their income by more than 30,000 yuan per household and promote the farmers in the forest area to get rid of poverty and become rich.

The company and semi-finished product production and processing bases have been developing continuously in recent years and successively transferred more than 1,000 idle rural laborers, greatly increasing the income of surrounding farmers. It provides an effective way for farmers in the surrounding forest areas to get rid of poverty and become rich.

Considering the reasons of backward production equipment and processing technology, insufficient R&D investment and poor R&D capabilities of farmers and semi-finished product production bases, company actively invested a lot of research and development funds and cooperated with Fuzhou University and other scientific research institutions to successfully break through the technical bottleneck of radial bamboo curtain production equipment and complete the research and development of radial bamboo curtain production equipment. At the same time, the company provides the R&D equipment free of charge to farmers and semi-finished product processing bases in order to promote the farmers to get rid of poverty and become rich. This greatly improves the production efficiency of the semi-finished product production bases.

Responsibility to guarantee product quality and safety

The company attaches great importance to product quality. In December 2014, the Fujian Provincial Science and Technology Department awarded our company as “Fujian Bamboo Container Flooring Enterprise Engineering Technology Research Center”.The “Heqichang” brand products produced by our company are inspected by the national wood-based panel and forest chemical product quality supervision and inspection center and sent to the inspection according to customer requirements, inspected by the provincial forest product inspection center. Each batch is inspected by our quality control department laboratory to make sure the quality and shipped. There have been no unqualified matters for several years. The company relies on scientific research institutions and has a strong R&D talent team with strong scientific research capabilities. The members of the research team have accumulated a lot of rich experience when studying other topics. Now the company has 49 patented technologies,which has laid a solid foundation for the popularization and application of technological achievements and industrialized production.

The research and development, production, and application of bamboo-wood composite container flooring and low-carbon seismic bamboo board house project have filled many gaps in our province. The project “Development and Demonstration of Bamboo-Wood Composite Container Floor” won the National Spark Program. The project "Development and Demonstration of Bamboo-Wood Composite Container Flooring" won the National Spark Program.

Responsibility to Protect Employees' Health and Welfare

The company's party branches and trade union organizations give full play to the democratic supervision role of the workers' congress. The company starts from the reality and implements the workers' congress system into its daily work, constantly enriches the content of the workers' congress, regulates the exercise of the powers of the workers' congress, and fully exerts the functions of the workers' congress Will work. Strengthen the democratic management of the enterprise from the system, insist that all major issues related to the reform and development of the enterprise and the major issues related to the vital interests of the employees are submitted to the Workers’ Congress for deliberation and decision, and the channels for employees to participate in the operation and management of the enterprise are unblocked; the employees are maintained functionally The legitimate rights and interests have greatly mobilized the enthusiasm and creativity of the vast number of employees to participate in production and operation construction.

Responsibility to Train Employees

Aiming at the goal of cultivating an efficient, capable, and committed team, we have worked hard on training people, using people, and retain talents. The company strives to build a team of employees with high quality and excellent skills, a team of party members keeping the party, the people, the responsibility in mind, as well as keeping things to guard against in mind, and a team of cadres which is correct in style, professionally proficient and good at cooperation and management. To put it simply, it is to train the local talents of HeQicChang to minimize the brain drain. Through the implementation of the talent project, the company focuses on training the outstanding employees of the production line, technical, key positions, and management to enlarge the company’s talent pool. The company attaches great importance to strengthening employee training and further education and has issued the Further Education Encouraging Measures of HeQiChang, which clearly stipulates that employees should be given a refresher vacation for further education, and employees who have obtained the corresponding diplomas will be given rewards ranging from RMB1,000 to RMB 10,000. The company has selected outstanding employees not only to participate in correspondence courses in Sichuan University, Sanming Vocational Technical School, Xiamen University, but also to participate in various short-term training courses in Beijing, Shenzhen, Fuzhou, and other places, continuously improving the quality of employees, and creating the necessary conditions for their political progress. Performance-assessment is implemented to management staff and line employees, and the evaluation results are published in a timely manner and linked to rewards and punishments, to form a good atmosphere of employee engagement.

Responsibility to Retain Employees

The company's party branches, labor unions, and women's work committees pay attention to retain employees in three aspects:  treatment, emotion, and the environment. The first one is the treatment. On the basis of ensuring that the salary of employees is better than the average in the industry, the company has adopted measures such as salary increases for employees with different educational levels, pick-up service for homecoming during the Chinese New Year Holiday, reimbursement of travel expenses for employees to return to the hometown, and attendance awards, selection of model workers, outstanding employees and corresponding measures to attract employees. For example, Long Shimin, a Guizhou-based employee, has not only actively moved closer to the party organization to become an official party member but also helped the company promote the employment policy and introduced dozens of relatives and friends to work in the company from his hometown. The second one is emotion. The company retains employees not only by salary but emotion, the company always puts employees at the core position to make them feel the warmth of family and has successively established care mechanisms such as pension for the illness, aid poor employees, quarterly birthday dinner, physical examination, etc. to care for the employees and retain them with emotion. The third one is the environment. The company attaches great importance to providing a comfortable environment for employees' work and life and has successively established an employee home, activity room, and psychological consultation room in the company. The company invested a lot of money to equip the staff dormitory with air conditioners, water heaters, and washing machines. The company also help employees purchase affordable housing, and also provide apartments for couples who cannot afford to buy a house, and help employees solve their children's schooling problems to make employees focus on their job. Every year, the company will hold annual meetings and other activities, to further enhance the communication between employees. Thanks and Praise activities are also carried out to build better relationships between employees to make them feel the care from the company and the warmth of the HEQICHANG family.

Responsibility to Protect the environment

As always, the company strictly implements the new "Safety Production Law", "Environmental Protection Law" and other national laws and regulations, continuously strengthens and implements safety responsibilities, improves safety management systems and accident emergency plans, strengthens emergency drills, ensures safety management at the grassroots level to make sure it is well and fully implemented. At the same time, the company takes strict precautions to ensure the control and management of dangerous power sources and the management of hazardous sources, to prevent major safety production accidents and environmental pollution accidents, and adhere to the bottom line of safety and environmental protection. In order to implement safety production and environmental protection, HEQICHANG has passed environmental management system certification and occupational health management system certification, and at the same time released environmental protection emergency plans and obtained safety standardization secondary enterprises.

The company attaches great importance to energy conservation and consumption reduction, and the comprehensive energy consumption per unit product continues to decrease, which has been highly affirmed by the economic and information management departments of Sanming City and Yongan City.

Responsibility to involve in charity

The company established the Customs Work Committee, and Chairman Yu Xianlu personally served as the director. Based on this, he set aside a certain amount of funds every year, purchased newspapers and books for employees to read in their spare time, and donated the children of difficult employees to college every year. Since 2010, the company established a scholarship, where you will receive 1,000 yuan for the first grade, 800 yuan for the second grade, 500 yuan for the third grade, and 300 yuan for the junior college. Every June Children's Day allocates funds to buy gifts for employees' children and condolences to teachers on Teachers' Day. On the Double Ninth Festival every year, the chairman personally brings condolences to the elder over 70 years old in his hometown, ranging from 100-500 yuan per person. Take the lead in donating 5,000 yuan to the charity association every year.