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Some Knowledge about Outdoor Bamboo Flooring before and after Sales
Some Knowledge about Outdoor Bamboo Flooring before and after Sales

Some Knowledge about Outdoor Bamboo Flooring before and after Sales

Before buying outdoor bamboo flooring, we can choose according to the following points:

1. Look at the manufacturer. When purchasing outdoor bamboo flooring, you are suggested to choose a well-known manufacturer, because a good manufacturer has superb technology, good service, and reliable quality.

2. Compare the material. We should choose abrasion resistant, moisture absorbing, and tough strand woven bamboo flooring.

3. Check whether it can prevent insects and mildew or not. When choosing outdoor bamboo flooring, you should pay attention to pest control. Don't choose the product if it has not passed the high temperature treatment such as pest control and mold prevention.

4. Appearance. The product should not only have good looking, but also have high temperature resistance and wear resistance.

Bamboo flooring is very beautiful and convenient, but if we use it outside we will need to pay special attention to the maintenance:

1. Keeping the floor dry is very important during the outdoor maintenance of bamboo flooring. Do not mop the floor with a wet mop, which will damage the brightness of the paint and damage the paint film. If there is dust or dirt, you can wipe it with a dry mop or a wrung out wet mop.

2. If there are stains on the outdoor bamboo flooring, please clean it up in time. It can be scrubbed by neutral soapy water mixed with a little detergent. The stain must be removed before it penetrates the wooden surface.

3.Outdoor bamboo flooring cannot be covered with plastic cloths or newspapers, because this will lead to the losing of their luster after a long time. In addition, do not put hot water basins and other items directly on them to avoid scalding the paint film and affecting the appearance.

4. To wash away the bitter alcohol, mildew and other substances attached to the strand woven bamboo flooring, you can use bleach mixed with warm water or use a special antiseptic wood cleaner. Please remember to rinse with water after cleaning. You may also need to use a brush if the flooring is too dirty.

5. You can also add a carpet on outdoor bamboo flooring which adds buffer effect so as to protect the flooring.