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Bamboo Plywood FAQ
Bamboo Plywood FAQ

Bamboo Plywood FAQ

What Is The General Specification Of Bamboo Plywood

Generally, the specification is 2440*1220, and the thickness is 5-28 mm. We also accept customization.

How Many Kind Of Bamboo Plywood

As a usage scale, it can be classified as Passenger Compartment Flooring (All Bamboo), Bridge/Construction Board, Trailer Board, and Container Flooring, and so on.

What Is The Material Of Bamboo-wood Composite Flooring? What Is The Main Purpose

It is mainly composed of PSF (phenolic surface film), bamboo mats, bamboo curtains, and wood veneer. It is mainly used for new, reconditioned and old containers, and truck compartments.

What Are The Advantages Of Bamboo-wood Composite Flooring

High static deformation, high strength, and toughness, overwear resistance, strong corrosion-resistance, long service life, etc.

Does The Product Have Relevant Testing / Certification Reports

Our products are equipped with FSC certification, FDA certification, BV certificate of works approval and CCS certificate of works approval, etc.