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The Principle of Bamboo Products
The Principle of Bamboo Products

The Principle of Bamboo Products

  • Practicability principle: the template should ensure that the shape, size, and position of the components are correct, and the structure is simple, the support is easy to release, the surface is smooth, the joints are tight and the slurry is not leaked, etc.

  • Safety principle: it must have sufficient strength, rigidity, and stability to ensure that it will not deform, damage or collapse during construction

  • Economic principle: Under the premise of ensuring the quality and safety of the construction period, try to reduce the one-time investment, increase the formwork turnover, reduce the labor of support and demolition, and realize civilized construction.

  • The design of the wooden formwork and its support shall comply with the provisions of the current national standard "Code for Design of Timber Structures" (GB50005-2003). In addition to satisfying the calculation needs, the tip diameter of the pressured pole shall not be less than 60mm.

Safety Technology

① Wear a safety helmet before work and check whether the tools used are secure. Spanners and other tools must be hung on the body with a rope to prevent falling and hurting people. When working, you should focus on your thoughts to avoid nail sticking and slipping in the air.

② When installing and removing the formwork over 5 meters, scaffolding should be fixed and protective railings should be installed to prevent operation on the same vertical direction. Fasten seat belts when working at heights.

③ Do not stack large batches of templates and other materials on the scaffolding.

④ The installation and removal of high-altitude and complex structural formwork shall have practical safety measures in advance. When removing the mold from a high place, there should be someone to direct and mark the work area below. When installing and removing the formwork, there should be someone on the upper and lower floors to carry the formwork. Throwing from a high place is strictly prohibited.

⑤ Supports, struts, etc. must not be placed on door and window frames and scaffolding. The diagonal brace and tie rod in the middle of the passage should be set at a height of more than 1.8 meters. In the process of supporting the mold, if you need to stop halfway, you should fix the support, lap joint, column head plate, etc. firmly. Intermittent removal of molds, the movable formwork, struts, supports, etc. should be transported away or properly stacked.

⑥ A long crowbar is generally used to remove the formwork. No one is allowed to stand on the template being demolished. When removing the formwork, the formwork should be prevented from falling to avoid hurting people.

⑦ If there are reserved holes in the formwork, the holes should be covered after installation. The reserved hole on the concrete slab should be covered immediately after the formwork is removed.