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The Advantages and Selection of the Bamboo Flooring
The Advantages and Selection of the Bamboo Flooring

The Advantages and Selection of the Bamboo Flooring

Now more and more consumers choose bamboo flooring, considering that bamboo flooring is better than ordinary wooden flooring, and indeed many people are using it now. What are the advantages of bamboo flooring? How to choose bamboo floor panels? What should we pay attention to when using the bamboo flooring?

Ⅰ. The benefits of the bamboo flooring

1. Bamboo has beautiful texture, elegant color, soft and fragrant smell, and can absorb ultraviolet rays, at the same time, is beneficial to human vision. Bamboo flooring has high strength, good toughness, high density, high durablility, smooth texture, soft color, elegant style, and is an environmentally friendly green product.

2. Bamboo floor has the characteristics of anti-static, anti-moth, flame retardant, anti-mildew, no side effects and easy installation, which is recognized environmentally friendly. Bamboo floor panels are warm in winter and cool in summer. Bamboo flooring can automatically adjust and maintain the temperature. It does not release cool or heat, and has a low thermal conductivity, which is helpful for reducing the occurrence of rheumatoid arthritis, heart disease and rheumatism.

3. Bamboo flooring has good stability. Different moisture content control is adopted for different climates, and the cracking deformation rate is much smaller than that of solid wood floors. The bamboo fibers are arranged in a hollow brick shape, and the tensile and compressive strengths are greatly enhanced.

Ⅱ. The selection of the bamboo flooring

1. The color of bamboo floor panels: It is recommended that you select bamboo floor panels with yellowish colors when purchasing. Because bamboo has to be carbonized to avoid insects and spots, and without carbonization, the directly bleached bamboo floor panels will appear light yellow. Such bamboo floor panels still contain protein, sugar and other microorganisms that are easy to get damaged by worms. If you buy this kind of bamboo flooring, it will be eaten by insects in a year.

2. The formaldehyde emission of bamboo floor panels: Like wood flooring, the most important thing to select bamboo flooring is whether its formaldehyde emission index is qualified. The formaldehyde emission limit of standard E1 products is less than 1.5mg/L. When purchasing bamboo flooring, you must know its formaldehyde emission to see if it is a qualified environmental protection product.

3. Size of bamboo floor panels: At present, the specifications and sizes of bamboo floor panels on the market are relatively long. There are also many specifications for the regular size of bamboo flooring. You can't blindly pursue large-sized bamboo flooring. In most cases, the smaller the size of the bamboo floor, the better the deformation resistance. Obviously, bamboo flooring has become a leader in the flooring market now, and more and more people trust and prefer bamboo flooring.