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The Application of Bamboo Lumber in Landscaping Construction
The Application of Bamboo Lumber in Landscaping Construction

The Application of Bamboo Lumber in Landscaping Construction

In the context of environmental degradation and dwindling natural forest stocks. Bamboo, as one of the fastest growing plants in the world, is an excellent substitute. Bamboo can grow into lumber in three to four years, and can continue to regenerate after being felled, and it can form a forest by itself, and it does not need to rely on other plants to survive together. Bamboo's own fibers can purify the air and filter formaldehyde. Bamboo furniture has sufficient raw materials and low prices. Under the premise of global shortage of wood resources, it will become the new favorite of the furniture industry in the future.

1. About bamboo lumber

Bamboo has a beautiful shape and high ornamental value. It is strong in nature, not afraid of air pollution and acid rain, and can purify the air. It has a huge underground root system and has a strong ability to maintain water and soil. The bamboo forest barrier has good wind and earthquake resistance. The ecological benefits are very obvious. Bamboo is a shallow-rooted tree species that can expand horizontally and has a protective effect. People love bamboo, appreciate bamboo, and draw bamboo. In recent years, bamboo has attracted people's attention for its unique advantages of low carbon and environmental protection in many large-scale landscape exhibitions. Various bamboo buildings and sketches began to enter people's life. Bamboo is not just a decoration, it has been used in landscaping as an environmentally friendly and sustainable building material.

2. The application of bamboo lumber in garden landscaping

In garden landscapes, bamboo lumber is often used to meet various practical needs. Such as bamboo fences, outdoor bamboo floors, bamboo handrails, bamboo stair steps and so on. Many architects and landscape architects are very optimistic about the application prospects of building bamboo. Many people pointed out that the yellow color on the surface of bamboo that has been scraped off makes people feel very warm. Use bamboo as wall decoration, the effect is no worse than traditional wood veneer. In terms of the stability of the material itself, bamboo is also stronger than wood. In addition to retaining the surface texture effect of bamboo itself, professional outdoor bamboo pavement materials also have strict anti-corrosion processing procedures that make the performance of bamboo more stable, which can effectively prolong the service life of outdoor floors and achieve better overall results.

At present, outdoor floors are very common in both public places and private yards, and professionally processed anti-corrosion bamboo can completely replace traditional anti-corrosion wood in outdoor floors and building exterior wall decoration. Not only that, the growth rate of bamboo is fast, and replacing wood with bamboo can also reduce the felling of trees, reduce the damage to forests and ecological environment, and has positive significance for environmental protection and rational utilization of natural resources. It is a positive response to the current concept of environmental protection and low carbon.