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The Bright Application Prospect of Outdoor Strand Woven Bamboo Flooring
The Bright Application Prospect of Outdoor Strand Woven Bamboo Flooring

The Bright Application Prospect of Outdoor Strand Woven Bamboo Flooring

1. Outdoor strand woven bamboo flooring conveys a positive attitude and brings a sense of warmth

Bamboo is upright and tough, and can convey the positive attitude of the occupants. Therefore, outdoor strand woven bamboo flooring is often used in architecture and garden landscaping. Many people pointed out that the surface of the bamboo that has been scraped off is yellow, which makes people feel very warm. Decorated with heavy bamboo flooring, the effect is not inferior to traditional wooden decorations.

2. Outdoor strand woven bamboo flooring is rich in raw materials

China is rich in bamboo resources, and bamboo is an ideal material to save wood and replace wood. Bamboo has excellent mechanical properties. The tensile strength of moso bamboo is 203MPa, which is 2.48 times that of fir; the compressive strength is 79MPa, which is twice that of fir; the shear strength is 161 MPa, which is 2.2 times that of fir; in addition, the bamboo growth cycle, hardness and water resistance are better than fir. Therefore, the strand woven bamboo flooring made of bamboo has been more favored.

3. Outdoor strand woven bamboo flooring raises awareness of making full use of renewable resources

Experts pointed out that in actual projects, deciding which building decoration materials to use usually takes into account the effects, craftsmanship, safety, and construction costs. As people's awareness of the excellent performance and unique effects of strand woven bamboo flooring continues to increase, and the awareness of making full use of renewable resources continues to increase, the popularity of such materials will surely be gradually improved.

4. Outdoor strand woven bamboo flooring boasts many advantages

Outdoor strand woven bamboo flooring is common in both public places and private courtyards, and professionally processed strand woven bamboo flooring can completely replace traditional anticorrosive wood used in outdoor decoration and architectural decoration, and has advantages such as simple processing technology, stable performance, easy recycling. As far as the stability of the material itself is concerned, bamboo is also stronger than wood. Professional outdoor bamboo paving materials such as strand woven bamboo flooring can not only retain the surface texture of the bamboo itself, but its strict anti-corrosion processing process also makes its performance more stable, which can effectively extend its service life, and have a better overall effect.