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The Difference Between Cork Floor and Bamboo Flooring
The Difference Between Cork Floor and Bamboo Flooring

The Difference Between Cork Floor and Bamboo Flooring

For hundreds of years, people have been looking for eco-friendly flooring options and all the other eco-friendly products that can be installed in a house, but people have found several options and are confused when deciding which floor to choose because bamboo and cork floors are environmentally friendly floors. What is their main difference? Which one should people choose?

1. Bamboo flooring and cork floors

Bamboo floorings and cork floors are both eco-friendly flooring options that can save hundreds of trees harvesting so a home can have beautiful hardwood floors. Bamboo is considered a green option because it replenishes itself quickly. In just four to six years, a bamboo garden can be ready for a second harvest, while a grove of trees can take as long as a hundred years to be ready for use as a floor. On the other hand, cork is abundant and does not kill the tree it was taken from. The outer bark is used to make cork, which means the tree can continue to live and grow. The cork can be re-harvested multiple times throughout the life of the tree.

2. The advantages of bamboo flooring and cork flooring

The advantages and disadvantages of both types of floors are minimal, and either makes for a beautiful floor. Cork is great for high-traffic areas as it is less susceptible to bites and marks. Cork is actually cushioning and more flexible than bamboo. Cork is also better for damp rooms than bamboo, as moisture can damage bamboo floors over a long period of time. The disadvantage of cork is that if the entire floor needs to be replaced, the entire floor has to be replaced, which is not as simple as replacing the bamboo flooring.

Bamboo and cork floors are both beautiful green flooring options that will last for many years. Bamboo, especially engineered and locking bamboo floors, can be installed by most do-it-yourselfers, while cork should be installed by a professional floor installer. Regardless of the installer and the type of floor chosen, both bamboo and cork floors are ideal hardwood floors to replace traditional hardwood trees. Bamboo floorings are more suitable for people who like the supernatural, because bamboo grows naturally, and when people walk on it, people feel that they are touching nature.

Cork floors are better for high-traffic, quiet areas or places like libraries. For example, the cork floor was installed in the National Library of China in 1950, but only 0.5mm was worn 50 years later. Cork floors are a real hard-wearing floor.