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The method of prolonging the life of bamboo floor
The method of prolonging the life of bamboo floor

The method of prolonging the life of bamboo floor

After the new concept of green environmental protection was put forward, people gradually chose bamboo floors to replace the previous cement and porcelain floors. Bamboo floor not only has the advantages of warm in winter and cool in summer, small color difference, but also has health care function. The only thing that everyone is worried about is its lifespan. In fact, as long as everyone protects it well, the lifespan of bamboo flooring is very long, so there are several ways to prolong its lifespan, right?

1. Keep the indoor dry humidity of bamboo floor

Although the bamboo floor has been dried to reduce the change in size, because bamboo is a natural material, the bamboo floor will be deformed with the change of climate and humidity; in the northern region, if it encounters the dry season, especially when the heating is turned on , consumers can adjust the humidity through different methods, such as using a humidifier or putting a basin of water on the heater; in the rainy season in the south, consumers should open more windows to ventilate and keep the room dry; at the same time, use bamboo flooring indoors as much as possible. Avoid contact with a lot of water. If water is splashed on the floor, it should be wiped dry and cleaned in time.

2. Avoid damaging the surface of the bamboo floor

Bamboo floor paint should avoid hard objects, scratches with sharp objects, metal friction, etc. Prevent dust, sand, etc. from being brought into the room, which can be placed at the door with a doormat, but the insoles must be kept clean. Do not scratch the surface of bamboo boards with spikes or wear shoes with metal spikes into the room. You can wrap the feet of the furniture with some fiber fabrics, which not only makes it easier to move the furniture, but also prevents the furniture from damaging the floor.

3. Correctly clean bamboo floors

In the process of daily use, when keeping the bamboo floor clean and clean, you can use a clean broom to clean it, and then use a wrung mop to mop the floor. You can also use a soft damp cloth to wipe the floor at ordinary times. Of course, you can also use a vacuum cleaner like a carpet. Remove dust from the floor. Depending on the usage, you can wax it every few years to keep the paint surface smooth and clean. If conditions permit, floor wax can be applied to the bamboo floor surface once every 2 to 3 months, so that the maintenance effect is better. In addition, it is also necessary to open the windows frequently to ventilate and adjust the indoor air temperature.

It can be clearly seen from the above that the most important thing to prolong the life of the bamboo floor is to keep it clean. Timely cleaning every day can reduce the friction of the sand and gravel, and it can also make the owner live more comfortable and create a good environment, so that the bamboo floor can provide more benefits. Therefore, we should usually learn more about extracurricular knowledge to help us extend the life of the floor.