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The Method of Purchase and Maintenance of Bamboo Screen
The Method of Purchase and Maintenance of Bamboo Screen

The Method of Purchase and Maintenance of Bamboo Screen

Most people's understanding of displays, I suppose, is still based on the recollection of ancient colors. The Chinese screen has become one of the must-have furniture choices for Chinese décor, thanks to people's affection for it. Because of its distinctive design, lightness, and durability, as well as its cost effectiveness, woven bamboo screens are a popular choice when it comes to picking a screen. Many people are becoming aware of the advantages of woven bamboo screens. So, where can I get a woven bamboo screen? And how do you keep a woven bamboo screen in good shape?

Ⅰ. Choosing a woven bamboo screen

Bamboo woven screen In addition to determining whether or not the preparation skills are enough, the most important factor to consider is the quality of the bamboo material. If the bamboo material's surface is wrinkled, the furniture is made of immature bamboo rattan processing, which has low durability, is easy to break, and is prone to corrosion. To test if the frame is sturdy, grip the edge of the woven bamboo screen with both hands and gently shake it. Make sure the woven bamboo screen's surface is smooth by running your palms over it. Examine the craftsmanship, such as if the bamboo strips are stubble-free, the fabric is skillfully sewn, and the hardware is of good quality, among other things. Examine the lustre of the woven bamboo screen to determine if it is even, if there are any spots, various colors, or bug traces.

Ⅱ. The upkeep and cleaning of woven bamboo screens

It is not difficult to maintain woven bamboo screens; the finest cleansers are vegetable oil and soap. We can also use a cleaner like trisodium phosphate, hand tools like wicker and toothbrushes, or paint brushes, which can be cut in half to make a small brush, the latter two like a nail brush, and the former like a pencil-thin pin that can be sharpened in a pencil sharpener, to remove the nastiness embedded in the furniture. Bamboo and rattan are frequently painted or stained, and if they are unclean, they should be cleaned well. If this does not remove the stain, they can be painted using a procedure known as rubbing or a thin layer of lacquer, which typically eliminates the stain.

The woven bamboo screen is more of a sign of people's affinity for Chinese furnishings and their connection to nature. Inadvertently, we are always exposed to Chinese culture through the creative crafts of the woven bamboo screens. I feel that as the notion of eco-friendly décor becomes more prominent, the woven bamboo screen will rise in popularity due to its distinctive attractiveness.