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The Structure and Suitable Place of Bamboo Floor Panels
The Structure and Suitable Place of Bamboo Floor Panels

The Structure and Suitable Place of Bamboo Floor Panels

Ⅰ. Introduction of structures of bamboo floor panels

1. Bamboo floor panels can be divided into three categories according to the surface structure: diameter surface bamboo floor - side pressure bamboo floor and chord surface bamboo floor - flat pressure bamboo floor and restructured bamboo floor. According to the processing method of bamboo floor, it can be divided into natural bamboo floor and carbonized bamboo floor. The natural color bamboo floor maintains the original color and luster of the bamboo material, while the bamboo strips of the carbonized bamboo floor are subjected to high temperature and high pressure carbonization treatment to deepen the color of the bamboo chips and make the color and luster of the bamboo chips uniform.

2. The floor is a very important part of home decoration. Whether it is the quiet and delicate color of the bamboo flooring or the tactile enjoyment that it brings to people, it is a home decoration that is very suitable for home life, giving people a fresh and refined feeling. Flexible and stable, it can be said to be suitable for all ages. The beautiful natural and delicate appearance color of bamboo floor panels is a visual feast for home decoration.

3. The floor is processed layer by layer. Relatively speaking, the bamboo flooring is very different from the ordinary floor, especially in terms of texture and shape. The floor is a little more expensive. Of course, bamboo flooring also has the natural advantage of being warm in winter and cool in summer.

Ⅱ. The bamboo flooring is very cool

The environment in which bamboo grows is relatively cool, and the environment is not very hot. Therefore, another special feature of the bamboo floor is that it is very cool. When it is hot in summer, when the bamboo flooring is on the bamboo floor, it will feel cool and cool, making the feet feel refreshed and cool, and relieve the problem of foot heat. It can also help reduce the temperature of the room, making people feel very cool and comfortable. Although this is the advantage of bamboo flooring, it is recommended that people who are afraid of cold should not use bamboo flooring.

Ⅲ. Suitable and unsuitable places for bamboo flooring

1. Home decoration: This is the main part where bamboo flooring is widely used, especially in bedrooms, study rooms, gyms, Japanese-style rooms, etc. High-grade office buildings, including offices, meeting rooms, reception rooms, product exhibition halls, etc.

2. Hotels and hotels: including hotel suites, health centers, entertainment centers, conference centers, etc. High-end commercial buildings: including business halls, monopoly counters, etc. Bamboo floors can also be used for wall decoration. In general, the places where bamboo flooring is not suitable are: the ground floor and basement of buildings with poor moisture-proof treatment, the ground that is often exposed to water, large indoor public places, public passages, etc.