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Tips for Mothproofing Bamboo Furniture
Tips for Mothproofing Bamboo Furniture

Tips for Mothproofing Bamboo Furniture

1. Bamboo lumber is an ideal material for making furniture

Everyone knows that bamboo plants grow faster and have high yields. They can be harvested quantitatively every year, and they are also widely used in the furniture industry. Furniture made of bamboo lumber is full of its unique beauty, and bamboo lumber is easy to bend and shape, and it is an ideal material for making all kinds of furniture. At present, bamboo furniture mainly includes round bamboo furniture, all-bamboo glued folding furniture, bamboo paneled furniture, laminated veneer furniture and multi-layer glued curved furniture.

2. Tips for mothproofing bamboo furniture

Newly bought woven bamboo furniture, such as bamboo mats, bamboo recliners, etc., soak them in a bathtub with water, add 3% salt or alkali, bleaching powder, and lime to the water, and soak for 2-3 days to prevent moths.

If you find that old bamboo products are eaten by insects, you can boil it with pipette water or tobacco leaves and pour it into the insect-eaten place. Or sprinkle a layer of quicklime powder on the entire surface of the bamboo ware, and then scald it with boiling water after a few days. You can also put a little chili powder in the moth-eaten place, and then scald it with boiling water to inject the chili powder into the moth-eaten hole to kill the insects. In addition, you can use cooling oil to plug holes that are eaten by insects, and you can also control old bamboo products that are eaten by insects.

In addition to the above-mentioned moth-proofing, consumers can also choose physical treatment, the disadvantages of which are mostly limited killing. Physical methods to prevent moths, far infrared rays and baking technology are now used, which has good effects. If nitrogen and carbon dioxide gas are used to replace the air, it can cut off the oxygen of the borers and make them anaerobic to death.