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Tips to Buy Bamboo Flooring
Tips to Buy Bamboo Flooring

Tips to Buy Bamboo Flooring

Today, I will introduce you some tips when buying bamboo flooring: 

1. Look at the degree of wear resistance. The bamboo floorings whose number of wear-resisting revolution of bamboo flooring reaches 550 are qualified products, and the coating amount of the wear-resistant primer determines the abrasion resistance revolution. The density of bamboo flooring is much higher than that of many solid wood flooring. Even though the abrasion resistance of bamboo flooring is not as good as that of laminate flooring with thousands of revolutions, it is still better than many solid wood flooring.

2. Bamboo is not the older it is, the stronger it will be. For example, the 9-year-old moso bamboo skin is too thick and will be more brittle when used as a flooring. While the bamboo quality of the bamboo material under 4 years is too tender. Generally speaking, the bamboo material of 3 to 5 years has the best stability.

3. Whether it is painted on six sides. As bamboo flooring is a green and natural product with pores on the surface, and it will have deformation due to the possibility of moisture absorption, so it is necessary to seal all around, bottom and surface with paint. Normal bends will not affect using, and it can be automatically leveled during installation.

4. Bamboo flooring is the same as multi-layer solid wood composite flooring. It will be affected by the humidity in the air. However, the bamboo flooring company has fully considered the this factor and has controlled the moisture content of bamboo flooring to a low level. The bamboo flooring has finishing treatment on six sides, which makes it not sensitive to the change of humidity in the air, so there is no problem using bamboo flooring in dry areas. Bamboo flooring distributors export large amounts of bamboo flooring to Europe and North America, and the products adapt to the climatic conditions there well.

5. Flooring color: the natural color of the flooring is golden yellow, and the whole body is transparent; the outdoor carbonized bamboo flooring is bronze or brown, the color is uniform and shiny. 

6. Paint quality: Put the flooring in the light to see if there are bubbles, pits, orange peel on the surface, and then see if the paint surface is rich, full and smooth.

7. Look at the material. You can use your hands and eyes. If the floor is lighter in your hand, it means that you have used tender bamboo; if the texture is blurred, it means that the bamboo is not fresh and it is older. Observe whether the structure of the flooring is symmetrical and balanced: It can be viewed from the two ends of the bamboo flooring to see whether the principle of symmetrical balance is met.