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What Are the Advantages of Carbonized Bamboo Flooring?
What Are the Advantages of Carbonized Bamboo Flooring?

What Are the Advantages of Carbonized Bamboo Flooring?

In order to protect the trees from being felled, a new type of environmentally friendly material bamboo flooring came into being. Bamboo flooring can be divided into two types: bamboo flooring and carbonized bamboo flooring. So what is carbonized bamboo flooring?

What are the advantages of carbonized bamboo flooring?

Ⅰ. What is carbonized bamboo flooring?

Bamboo floor panels: The raw material of bamboo floor is bamboo after special harmless treatment, then pressed at high temperature, and then made with special adhesive. Because of the characteristics of bamboo itself, bamboo flooring also has the functions of anti-insect, anti-corrosion and high hardness.

Carbonized bamboo flooring: Its raw material is also bamboo, which must be carbonized in the process of processing bamboo, so that the surface hardness is doubled, and the moisture-proof, anti-corrosion and geothermal properties of bamboo are enhanced. Products made of natural carbonized bamboo and wood flooring are further improved on the basis of general environmentally friendly natural bamboo flooring, and are more beautiful and practical.

Ⅱ. The advantages of carbonized bamboo flooring

1. Durability

Because after the bamboo is carbonized, a complex chemical reaction takes place inside it, which effectively curbs the growth of fungi in the floor. Therefore, the durability and corrosion resistance of carbonized bamboo flooring are greatly improved compared with ordinary flooring.

2. Long service life

Bamboo itself is a very long-lived plant. After a special carbonization treatment, the hardness of the bamboo floor is increased, and the service life of the carbonized bamboo floor is correspondingly increased.

3.  Easy to be taken care of

The texture of carbonized bamboo flooring is very strong, and bamboo itself is also a highly adaptable plant, so carbonized bamboo flooring can often be seen outdoors. And the care of the carbonized bamboo floor is also very convenient and easy to clean.