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What Are the Benefits of Bamboo Products?
What Are the Benefits of Bamboo Products?

What Are the Benefits of Bamboo Products?

1. The application of bamboo products becomes more and more abundant

In our daily life and work, various kinds of bamboo products are becoming more and more abundant, with diversified shapes, very rich functions, and durable, which are deeply favored by consumers. So do you know what are the benefits of bamboo products? Let's talk about the benefits of bamboo products.

2. The benefits of bamboo products

1) Environmental protection and toughness: China bamboo products adopt 5-7 years old bamboo, more than 30 modern techniques, high degree of adhesion of the board, and formaldehyde emission reaches European E1 standard. It is harder and denser than wood, has higher compressive and flexural strength, is not easy to deform, cracks, and has strong load-bearing capacity.

2) Beautiful and durable: clear bamboo pattern, beautiful layout, natural color, pleasant bamboo fragrance, elegant style, bamboo does not accumulate dust, does not condense, easy to clean, and mites and bacteria are not easy to multiply.

3) Quiet and elegant: bamboo panel sheets have good sound-absorbing properties, and can have better sound insulation effects when used in wall decoration; bamboo panels have small shrinkage and stable shape, making furniture stable and strong.

4) Comfortable and healthy: bamboo lumber has low thermal conductivity, and the decorative interior can keep warm in winter and heat insulation in summer. It has the characteristics of warm in winter and cool in summer.