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What Are the Environmental Protection Factors of Bamboo Made Furniture?
What Are the Environmental Protection Factors of Bamboo Made Furniture?

What Are the Environmental Protection Factors of Bamboo Made Furniture?

Bamboo is now one of the important materials for interior decoration and home decoration. Whether it is living furniture or office furniture, this kind of bamboo furniture will become the mainstream market for future furniture. The development and use of bamboo furniture panels to make furniture has a broad market, which is basically bamboo. It has the attributes of low carbon, environmental protection and nature. So what are the health and environmental factors of bamboo furniture?

Ⅰ. Four factors of health and environmental protection of bamboo furniture

1. Bamboo itself is pure natural, non-toxic and harmless. Bamboo products need to use an adhesive with a certain amount of formaldehyde during production. But, because the amount of glue used is relatively small, the existing production and processing technology can completely ensure that the amount of formaldehyde volatilization can be controlled within the range that does not affect any biological health.

2. The development and use of bamboo furniture will definitely promote the artificial cultivation of bamboo forests, promote the expansion of bamboo forest area and increase bamboo production, preserve water and soil, and regulate climate, which can maintain a virtuous cycle of natural ecology.

3. The raw materials of bamboo furniture products are all natural, and can be quickly and freely degraded under natural conditions without secondary pollution. Bamboo furniture panels can avoid secondary pollution. For example, it can replace plastic products, porcelain products, glass fiber products and so on.

4. HQC adheres to the design concept of material saving, environmental protection and low carbon and it abandons the difficult-to-treat and difficult-to-purify polluting raw materials such as melamine and aluminum oxide required for the production of laminate flooring, so as to reduce carbon emissions and environmental pollution in line with international green environmental protection standards.

Ⅱ. The benefits of using bamboo furniture

Now the development of bamboo is very rapid, and bamboo furniture is nothing new to us. There are historical records that there have been bamboo furniture as early as the Tang and Song dynasties. Bamboo can be made into various daily necessities such as tables, chopsticks, stools and so on. It is not uncommon to see everywhere in our daily lives.

Bamboo has the qualities of wood. For example, its density, compression resistance and tensile resistance are very strong, and it has advantages over wood in some aspects. In addition to being tough, bamboo has a stronger ability to absorb moisture and heat than wood, so it is warm in winter and cool in summer. Although bamboo furniture is exquisite, light, elegant and comfortable, many people still have some worries. Many people worry about the problem that bamboo furniture will be bitten by insects, not firming, and cracking. With the advancement of science and technology, our human body is exposed to more and more radiation. The bamboo furniture of HQC has undergone deep carbonization treatment to prevent insects, moths, water and moisture. The processed bamboo furniture is eco-friendly and unique. Besides, it is warm in winter and cool in summer with good compression and bending strength. All in all, it is conducive to your health.